Lava Surf Culture


Payment methods

In the follow-up of the order confirmation, the client / user will find at their disposal several options for payment on order confirmation. In this case, you can have the following forms of payment: PAYPAL or bank transfer (via ATM or via Homebanking system).



PayPal is a platform exclusively used for online shopping. With a PayPal account, the client/user may choose to pay with your credit card through your bank or the existing balance account in the PayPal account. You can choose this method of payment on the order of adjudication of the act as well as for completion of the same. By choosing this payment model, you will be redirected to PayPal page where you should make your login and validate the payment. After validation of the payment through our informatics system, you will receive an email with proof of your payment and all the necessary information. Know more about Paypal?


Bank transfer

The client/user may opt for this mode of payment to make any payment of the products presented in our website. After choosing this payment model, the client/user will receive an e-mail with the registration of your order, in which Lava Surf Culture® will report all the bank details required to make your payment. This can be done via ATM or via home banking. The payment through this mode may take several days to be paid up, so if after 5 (five) business days after placing the order, the payment hasn’t been approved by Lava Surf Culture® banking system, the order may be canceled.

Note: Lava Surf Culture® does not accept checks or money as online payment, but only the above-mentioned payment options. All forms of payment described above are secure payment methods. However, make sure that you are using a website that meets all safety requirements.



All prices are indicated in EURO (€) and the VAT at the rate in force. The final price is fixed and will be charged in EURO (€). Please note that the rates used by your bank or credit card company (as any fees charged by PayPal) can change the total amount of purchase. In this sense, Lava Surf Culture® is unaware of any change fees and/or extra fees charged by the entities chosen for payment. Lava Surf Culture® reserves the right to change prices of its products without notice.