Lava Surf Culture

our story

To say that Lava Surf Culture® is a brand dedicated to the production of surfboards with unique design and a distinctive craftsmanship is only a limited truth.

We’re born in the reign of a watchword - inspiration.

By ideological law, we unify the urban schizophrenia and the tranquility of nature, we blur the line between the sophisticated and the unpretentious, we mix technology and the organic and we break the historic barrier between the old and the new. Thus, we deny the logic of dichotomies and embrace the possibility of the impossible, while we adjust the subtleties of the spaces and personalities that identify us.

Transversality is our religion, because we’re drunk on the endless creativity of the artistic references that we incorporate. Exclusivity is our cry of glorious freedom while we catch the ride of a generation that is not trapped in considering concepts but is creating and recreating itself in the process.

We’re not just a surfboard in the trunk of a car, or the inconsequential result of a mean to an end. We provide an unique and sensory experience to those who are eager to have a distinct identity. We expand ourselves without limits to our dreams, your dreams.

We’re more than a brand... we’re a way of life.

Live the Lava Surf Culture.