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We’re not just a surfboard in the trunk of a car, or the inconsequential result of a mean to an end.
We provide an unique and sensory experience to those who are eager to have a distinct identity. We expand ourselves without limits to our dreams, your dreams.

Your own personality... One unique surfboard.

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BATUR - mini simmons


General features

Model designed with S deck in the nose to facilitate paddling and the entering in the wave. The lines of the bottom undergo a background belly going to concave between the two fins.


Because it is a small wide board model, it allows a surf experience with speed, even in small waves. It is a model only advised to surfers with some experience, due being a "nervous" and very small board. It should be used with 3 to 4" under, in order to make better use of it.

Manufacturing options

Size from 4'11" to 5'10".


Possibility to put boxes for twin fins system or glass on fins in wood or fiber system – due to the unique characteristics of this model, we advise putting glass fins for a stronger aesthetic, closer to the original model.

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