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returns & exhanges

Returns and Exchanges

Deliveries in person are always checked a priori and delivered in perfect condition. However, and as is always present a team member, any fault should be reported immediately on delivery. In the case of products delivered via carrier, any damage checked on the opening of the order, must be reported immediately, and preferably with the aid of photographs of the damage so that we can actuate the insurance.

We advise you to ALWAYS verify the physical integrity of the packaging upon delivery.

Caution: any report of damage must be made immediately at the maximum of 24 hours time after receiving the order. Lava Surf Culture®, as well as the transport insurance, does not warrant any refund if the customer only present the report of damage one week after receiving the order. Still, any damage found on board will be subject expertise by a member of our technical team.


• We do not accept returns on our surfboards.

• Our surfboards are produced in response to a client request that all details are agreed with it.

• Lava Surf Culture® surfboards are custom items and therefore not likely to be changed.